Brokers & Structured Product Providers

In a landscape teeming with investment potential, structured products derived from crypto futures and options stand as bespoke solutions for sophisticated investors. Our platform’s support program is specifically tailored for providers and brokers managing the intricate investment needs of family offices and high-net-worth individuals. Our program empowers these entities to design option strategies that align with their clients' diverse risk appetites and investment horizons.

Program Features

  • Custom Account Structure. The platform facilitates the creation of multiple segregated accounts for a single user, enabling brokers and providers to manage their clients' portfolios with precision and autonomy. This structure allows for the detailed margining of positions and caters to individual client needs, providing a personalised investment experience.

  • Rebate Incentive. The platform recognises the significance of trading volume as a cornerstone of a vibrant market ecosystem. In alignment with this principle, a nuanced rebate system is instituted to reward transactional volume. Structured product providers and brokers can benefit from a rebate on fees, which scales according to the volume of trade they bring to the platform. This program offers rebates ranging from 5% to 30%, thus incentivising the use of this protocol by brokers. The rebate serves as a direct benefit to brokers, enhancing their capacity to offer competitive services and optimise the financial outcomes for their clients. Setting up a broker connection takes the client outside of the Affiliate Program, therefore the transaction fee that would have gone to the affiliates in that case is available for rebates to the broker depending on volume.

  • Operational Transparency. Each account functions independently within the CVEX ecosystem, ensuring that providers can offer transparent and competitive pricing. The platform maintains a clear delineation of risk and performance for each account, offering providers a transparent view to present to their clients.

  • Comprehensive Reporting. Providers have access to a detailed dashboard for the generation of comprehensive reports. These reports facilitate the reconciliation of client trades and the transparent communication of performance metrics.

  • Tools for Innovation. The program equips partners with advanced pricing and management tools necessary for creating structured products. These tools serve as a foundation for innovation, allowing providers to craft strategies that can capitalise on market movements and provide tailored risk-return profiles.

  • Support for Diverse Strategies. CVEX market is the ideal venue for constructing a variety of structured option strategies. From protective puts to complex spreads, the platform supports a wide array of strategic implementations, offering the flexibility needed to navigate the intricacies of the cryptocurrency markets.

Program Benefits

  • For Structured Product Providers. Providers can craft targeted investment strategies using crypto derivatives to meet specific client goals. The platform supports a range of products, from conservative, income-generating strategies to growth-oriented or hedging tactics.

  • For Brokers. Brokers can leverage the platform’s features to service their clients with a high level of customisation and efficiency. The rebate system and operational tools in place allow brokers to optimise their service offerings, ensuring clients' needs are met with precision.

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