Protocol Owner

The protocol owner, established during the initial contract setup and subject to potential future changes, plays a critical role in the governance and operational integrity of the CVEX Protocol. This entity can enact significant modifications, though such changes are intentionally delayed to enhance community confidence and ensure careful consideration.

Key responsibilities of the Protocol Owner include:

  • Global Protocol Configuration: Setting key parameters such as $CVEX token staking conditions;

  • Protocol Fund Management: Manages the accumulation and allocation of reserves, sourced from trading fees, to address the protocol's needs;

  • Contract Upgrades: Essential for maintaining the protocol's relevance and efficacy in response to evolving technological and market demands;

  • Circuit Breaker Mechanism: The ability to activate emergency protocols and suspend all operations in critical situations to safeguard user assets.

Initially, the CVEX core team will oversee the protocol to expedite its early-stage development. Later, as soon as this can be effective, in further adherence to the protocol's decentralised ethos, governance will shift to a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), ensuring wider community involvement and decision-making.

Protocol Fund

The Protocol Fund, managed by the Protocol Owner, comprises reserves accumulated from trading fees. It is allocated for the protocol's development and operational needs forming the financial backbone ensuring its sustainability and continued development of the CVEX ecosystem. The Protocol and the Protocol owner are not involved in the marketing or utilisation of the Protocol and remain agnostic to this.

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