Fees & Rewards

Crypto Valley Exchange implements a structured fee system tailored to various trading activities to sustain operational efficiency.

Preliminary Specifications

The information provided in this section regarding available contracts, margin/risk parameters, and fees on Crypto Valley Exchange represents our current vision and preliminary specifications.

We reserve the right to modify these parameters up to the mainnet release. Any changes will be driven by our commitment to support the best interests of the protocol and its users. We strongly encourage readers to refer to our official communication channels for the latest updates and developments.

Each delivered trade order incurs a fixed operational fee, covering delivery and execution costs. Traders have the choice between signed delivery (authorised by the trader's signature) and trusted delivery (authorised by frontend signature, offering a $0.1 reduction). Traders can also select between instant execution (1-2 seconds latency) and relaxed mode (around 30 seconds latency, offering significant cost reduction). Direct transactions to the smart contract attract only a minimal operational fee, with traders bearing the cost of burned gas.

A set of orders can be submitted in the same batch, such as series of option orders, or modifications to a quote range of options order, significantly reducing the cost of interaction.

In the event of position liquidation, a 2% fee is applied, while settlement incurs a 0.5% fee. CVEX does not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals, aside from the transactional gas costs.

Operational fee

instant/signed: $0.30 instant/trusted: $0.20 relaxed/signed: $0.15 relaxed/trusted: $0.05 direct call: $0.02 + gas

Trading fee (takers)

Regular: 0.00300% I tier: 0.00270% II tier: 0.00263% III tier: 0.00255% IV tier: 0.00248% V tier: 0.00240%

Trading fee (makers, -0.001% rebates)

Regular: 0.00200% I tier: 0.00170% II tier: 0.00163% III tier: 0.00155% IV tier: 0.00148% V tier: 0.00140%

Liquidation Fee

2% from net value

Settlement Fee

0.005% from net value

Deposit / Withdraw

0% + gas

Makers & takers receive discounts for trading fee based on their tier for staking CVEX Token:

  • I tier: 10% discount;

  • II tier: 12.5% discount;

  • III tier: 15% discount;

  • IV tier: 17.5% discount;

  • V tier: 20% discount.

Frontends and Clearance Bots are fully compensated for all incurred gas costs, supplemented by an additional 10% premium to cover operational expenses. Additionally, Clearance Bots are incentivized for their crucial role in maintaining market integrity: they receive a reward for initiating margin calls and for terminating risky orders.

Gas Reimbursement

110% from burned gas

Liquidation Reward

0.5% from net value of positions

Default Prevention Reward

0.0014%-0.002% from net value of terminated order

All fees, rewards, and reimbursements within the Crypto Valley Exchange are transacted in USDC.

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