Technological Innovation

  • Fundamentally reimagining Defi Derivatives trading this is the first platform to bring portfolio risk on chain.

High Capital Efficiency

  • With portfolio margining, the platform offers a capital-efficient mechanism that isn't readily available in current crypto markets. This would allow more participants to engage in hedging and trading activities with less collateral.

Open Ecosystem

  • The protocol, once live, will be governed by a DAO. This ensures community involvement and transparent decision-making. The governance model also includes provisions for qualified directors to oversee legally mandated aspects, making it robust.

White-label Solutions

  • Both the front-end platform and the Oracle operations are offered as white-label solutions, allowing for quicker market adaptation and for other entities to create parallel platforms, spurring innovation.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Structured to be compliant with regulations, the project has a well-thought-out division into three separate but interlinked entities: the protocol, platforms for data provision, and the front-end. This separation minimises legal risks and adheres to Swiss regulations, instilling more confidence in the ecosystem.

Economic Incentives

  • Multiple streams of income and fees are distributed among different layers and participants, incentivising innovation and ongoing support from various stakeholders.

Use Cases Galore

  • From hedging against market risks and providing structured financial products for high-net-worth individuals to catering to the DeFi "Degens," the platform’s use cases span a broad spectrum of financial needs and risk profiles.

Broad Partnership Potential

  • The platform is not just for traders and brokers; its applications extend to any on-chain protocol with exposure to market risks, making it a universally beneficial tool for risk management in the crypto ecosystem and a new basis for building infrastructure to exchange risk.

Community & Culture

  • By embracing both the traditional and emerging crypto cultures—be it institutional traders or DeFi Degens—the platform is well-positioned to attract a diverse user base.

Resources and Learning

  • With a rich array of educational and informative resources, backers and users will be well-equipped to make informed decisions, adding to the ecosystem’s integrity and appeal.

In light of these points, supporting this project represents an opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking venture in decentralised finance, one with the potential to redefine how futures and options are traded, managed, and innovated upon.

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