Price & Risk Oracles

The Price and Risk Oracles play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless functioning of the instruments listed. These oracles act as the primary source of data, delivering crucial market and risk-related information that is integral to the trading process. By providing real-time, accurate market data and risk parameters, they enable the protocol to have all the necessary data required for effective trading and risk management.

The maintenance and operation of these Price and Risk Oracles fall under the direct purview of the platform operator. The platform operator is responsible for regularly updating the oracles, ensuring they are current and risk correct. This includes monitoring market trends, adapting to changing dynamics, and updating risk parameters to align with current market realities. By maintaining a robust and reliable infrastructure for these oracles, our platform guarantees that all listed instruments have access to essential data, facilitating informed trading decisions and efficient market functioning.

These could be migrated to another party to operate instead of the platform operator, or dispersed amongst multiple parties.

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